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I look forward to your ideas, as do all of my colleagues here in the innovation group. Please help us spread the word about this community.
Together we can build a more accountable, more sustainable, and more profitable business.

Why Is Your Participation Important?

Ideation is often been called "structured brainstorming", and is a powerful technique and a vital step for innovation and forward thinking. There are many traditional ways to get new ideas – suggestion boxes, hiring reputable business gurus, and various forms of market research, for example. However, today's intense competition and the pressure to transform business models in our dynamic industry require more discipline and thought for effective innovation. It's not easy, and you have to think…a lot. As Thomas Edison described idea generation in 1929, it's "1% inspiration and 99% perspiration".

That being said your participation and contribution is vital to our organization and our mission

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A Phone That Comes Apart Like Legos


The way people currently buy electronics is inherently wasteful. As soon as a new device comes out, the old one is tossed in the garbage or put on ...)

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Convert all pay phone banks into...

Erik Siebert

By converting we our otherwise unused pay phones we could provide free wifi hot spots to our existing customers. Also, by stopping storing cas...)

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Drone Sidewalk Delivery


Deliver new phone orders and updates with sidewalk drones.)

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Popular Ideas

Mobile Interface Optimized For L...

Madeline Frechette

The usability of most mobile interfaces is good mostly for right-hand dominant people. What about the left-handed pop...)

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Heavier Investment in Broadband ...

Erik Siebert

The revenue for voice services has saturated or even gradually declined with the developments of mobile communication...)

Net Votes: 6 Number of Comments: 4

Bluetooth 5.0 everywhere


The latest Bluetooth standard has popped up on many phones since its launch last year, but we still see a few excepti...)

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DriveMode app to stop texting an...


This stops our customers from texting and driving.Customers can manually enable DriveMode prior to driving, activatin...)

Net Votes: 9 Number of Comments: 9