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I look forward to your ideas, as do all of my colleagues here in the innovation group. Please help us spread the word about this community.
Together we can build a more accountable, more sustainable, and more profitable business.

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Q4 Cost Savings

Businesses often live from payroll to payroll. Smart business leaders understand the power of saving for future growth.Business success causes business owners and leaders to think differently about money and resources. Unfortunately, many business owners never break through in using profits wisely.  Leaders who desire to develop a strong and robust c...

Number of Ideas: 0 End Date: May 31, 2023
New Product Ideas

Consider your competition, your existing products, their shortcomings, and the needs of your market. Draw on the customer needs list you have developed, and the areas for product improvement you have identified. Develop a set of criteria to evaluate your ideas against. Tell us all about your product needs.

Number of Ideas: 59 End Date: Dec 31, 2022
New Features

We're looking for your (and our customers) ideas for new features. Each product manager and designer will be given 26 hours each quarter to pledge to their favorite ideas and we commit to implementing at least 1 every 6 months.The winners will not only get to see their feature built, but also be mentioned as a key creator and named on any patents!

Number of Ideas: 14
Supply Chain Efficiencies

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Number of Ideas: 4
Project Automation

The project is undertaken to automate the testing and quality assurance of our product in order to streamline the process and make it free of manual labor.

Number of Ideas: 0
Employee Satisfaction

Increase the morale and motivation of employees by making them feel comfortable and at-home. Integration of feel-good activities as well as event driven motivational activities.

Number of Ideas: 2
Customer Problem Sensing

Understanding our customer problems is the key to solving them. If we don't understand the nuanced experience we are attempting to transform with our new product or service, it is far less likely that we will be successful in transforming it.Tell us what customer problems you have observed or heard directly from our customers.

Number of Ideas: 24
The Feedback Box

We are looking for quick and simple things to improve our service. What makes you and our customers most frustrated? What are the simple areas of improvement that we are missing? We will be implementing one idea every month from this campaign and each winner will get an additional days PTO to take on their or a family member's birthday.

Number of Ideas: 5
Cost Saving Ideas 2022

Any idea big or small is welcome and there are significant rewards to ensure that you, as well as the company, benefit from your great work.Take a look at the Full Brief for more details:

Number of Ideas: 17 End Date: Dec 31, 2022
Vision for 2030

This is a place for open discussion and no fear. What new value will phones provide to people in 2030? Check out the full brief for some: inspiration, contextual reading, and more info on your opportunity to pitch your ideas to our CEO, George Nodder.

Number of Ideas: 10

Why Is Your Participation Important?

Ideation is often been called "structured brainstorming", and is a powerful technique and a vital step for innovation and forward thinking. There are many traditional ways to get new ideas – suggestion boxes, hiring reputable business gurus, and various forms of market research, for example. However, today's intense competition and the pressure to transform business models in our dynamic industry require more discipline and thought for effective innovation. It's not easy, and you have to think…a lot. As Thomas Edison described idea generation in 1929, it's "1% inspiration and 99% perspiration".

That being said your participation and contribution is vital to our organization and our mission

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Government Technology

Isuru Subasinghe

Government has some significant technology needs that we can begin serving with our new phones. The phone that is reversible wh...

Net Votes: 3 Number of Comments: 2

A Phone That Comes Apart Like Legos


The way people currently buy electronics is inherently wasteful. As soon as a new device comes out, the old one is tossed in th...

Net Votes: 6 Number of Comments: 1

Convert all pay phone banks into...

Erik Siebert

By converting we our otherwise unused pay phones we could provide free wifi hot spots to our existing customers. Also, by ...

Net Votes: 4 Number of Comments: 0

Drone Sidewalk Delivery


Deliver new phone orders and updates with sidewalk drones.

Net Votes: 1 Number of Comments: 2

Popular Ideas

IoT in rooms to save electricity.

Waz Peel

IoT technology deployed in residential and commercial buildings gives organizations and individuals the opportunity t...

Net Votes: 2 Number of Comments: 11

Let's send TPS reports via email

Erik Siebert

Reduce cost on printing and man hours on distribution!

Net Votes: 1 Number of Comments: 2

Mobile Interface Optimized For L...

Madeline Frechette

The usability of most mobile interfaces is good mostly for right-hand dominant people. What about the left-handed pop...

Net Votes: 4 Number of Comments: 3

Bluetooth 5.0 everywhere

Isuru Subasinghe

The latest Bluetooth standard has popped up on many phones since its launch last year, but we still see a few excepti...

Net Votes: 1 Number of Comments: 1